Tips and Tricks for Brewing Bolder Coffee

Darth Roast CoffeeDark roasted coffee is an acquired taste to be certain, and most coffee lovers either love it or hate it. Starbucks is known for their bold roasts, such as Pike’s Place or Cafe Verona blends, but even they realized not everyone likes the intense, more acidic flavors of dark roast and added a blonde roast to their stock.

If you consume dark roasted coffee, or you want to give it a second chance, here are some tips and tricks to help make that bold coffee less acidic and ashy-tasting, and give it a fuller flavor.

Tip #1: Lower the Brewing Temperature

The general recommendation for brewing coffee is to boil the water at 195-205 degrees Fahrenheit, but a darker roast, being more fragile, can taste burned at higher temperatures. It’s not exactly burned, but rather it’s more acidic and bitter.

If you keep the water temperature at 195 degrees, the coffee will taste smoother and not as bitter. It’s also possible that this will make it taste weaker to you. Experiment and find your optimal brewing temperature for your personal tastes.

Tip #2: Drink a Dark Roast While it’s Hot

Lighter roasted coffee has more delicate flavors, most of which will come out and intensify as the coffee cools. It’s not the case with dark roasts. Dark roasts often have chocolate undertones, which only really come out when the coffee is hot. As a dark roast coffee cools, the quality gradually declines.

If you pour smaller cups of hot coffee, you will consume more coffee while it is hot, as a larger mug will definitely sit and cool. Keep the cups smaller, and the coffee will stay hot, taste better, and you’ll throw out less coffee sitting in your mug.

 Tip #3: Experiment with Your Brew Method!

Try a French Press, a Percolator, an Aeropress, or your run-of-the-mill coffee machine and find which method produces the best tasting coffee for you. You can find hundred of articles on the web that say which method is best for a dark roast or bold coffee, but it’s honestly up to you and your tastebuds to find which one appeases you. Everyone is going to look for certain flavors with their coffee, and the brew method will change out a coffee tastes.

Sure, that might sound like a giant pain in the neck, but you’re a coffee lover! Aren’t you going to do what you must to brew the perfect cup of coffee?

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