Tea by K-cup!

cup_of_teaYou already know that Keurig k-cups brew tasty coffee by the cup instead of the pot. But did you know that’s not all they’re good for? There are hot chocolate k-cups as well, and several different types of tea k-cups for whatever type of tea you enjoy.

Green Tea

Green tea is celebrated as a healthy tea due to its large quantity of anti-oxidants and the fact that it helps enhance dental health. While many people enjoy drinking a whole pot of green tea at once, sometimes it’s nice to just have one cup, particularly in the morning.

Twinings makes a delicious green tea k-cup for your Keurig brewer so you can do just that. For something slightly different, brew the k-cup over a glass filled with ice and add a sprig of fresh mint.

Chai Tea

Chai tea is black tea blended with different spices to create different flavors. Coffee shops have made chai tea a bit more popular with chai tea lattes and similar drinks. If you’re looking to brew black tea with a spicier aroma and flavor, experiment with different chai blends.

For example, Bigelow makes a vanilla chai tea blend, which, as it sounds, has vanilla added in to the usual concoction of spices and tea.

Want to make your own chai tea latte from your k-cup chai tea? Add either sugar or honey and then mix in milk. Drop in a cinnamon stick if so desired.

Earl Grey Tea

If you’re a fan of traditional black tea, try Earl Grey. Its flavor can’t really be described, it’s best to experience it on your own. It also has an interesting history, if you are into that sort of thing.

Brew Earl Grey over a glass of ice in the summer. For a sweeter treat, create a London Fog–mix in steamed milk and vanilla syrup.

Whether you prefer your tea iced or hot, there is a tea k-cup for you.

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