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More Irish Coffee Ideas

St. Patrick’s Day usually gets the green beer flowing, but why not drink what the Irish actually drink? They may not actually drink Irish Coffee first thing in the morning, and you know what? You shouldn’t either. But these Irish Coffee drinks are a great way to unwind at the end of the day, and they’re fairly simple to make.

All of these drinks are specials created by Ireland natives. Can’t get more Irish than that without actually visiting each one in Georgia or visiting Ireland itself.


Meehan’s Irish Coffee

Lavazza coffee with a dash of Jameson Irish Whiskey (but you can use any coffee, as long as it is a dark roast)

Condesa Irish Coffee

Coffee, Cu Chulainn whiskey, vanilla bean, whipped cream (Condesa makes it fresh, but we think you’ll be forgiven if you don’t whip your own cream), and grated nutmeg

The Marlay House Irish Coffee

Dancing Goats coffee (or really any dark roast coffee), Jameson Irish Whiskey, cane sugar, and fresh whipped cream

Ri Ra Irish Coffee

Coffee, John Powers Irish whiskey, brown sugar, and stiffened cream

Bite Bistro

Coffee with a dash of whiskey and Irish Manor Irish Cream

food-irish-coffee-jpeg-0604Looking for other tasty Irish Coffee recipes? Check out the recipes we posted last St. Patrick’s Day!