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What’s the Difference Between Black, Green, and White Tea?


All tea, no matter the type, comes from the Camellia sinensis plant. How the tea differs is from how it is processed.

Black Tea

Black teas undergo the longest processing of any other tea. Once the leaves are harvested, they are left out in the sun to slightly wilt. The leaves are then rolled to break open, which causes them to ferment. As the leaves ferment, they turn from green to black. After the leaves reach their optimal color, they are then dried and packaged.

Black teas can be divided into 3 different categories based on where they are grown and harvested. Assam teas are grown in the Assam Valley of India, Darjeeling is grown in the Darjeeling Province of India, Ceylon teas are from Sri Lanka, and China Blacks are from, well, you can probably deduce that one. Continue reading

Drinking coffee or green tea daily could reduce your risk of stroke

Green TeaThat title got your attention, didn’t it? As well it should. A recently published study has found that by consuming coffee or green tea daily could reduce your risk of stroke by as much as 20 percent.

“This is the first large-scale study to examine the combined effects of both green tea and coffee on stroke risks,” Dr. Yoshihiro Kokubo, chief doctor in the department of preventive cardiology at the National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center in Osaka, Japan, said via press release. “You may make a small but positive lifestyle change to help lower the risk of stroke by adding daily green tea to your diet.”

With green tea in particular, the researchers found that those who drink two to three cups of green tea per day reduce their risk for a stroke by 14 percent, and those who drink four or more cups a day cut the risk down to 20 percent. Additionally, they learned that green tea drinkers were also more likely to exercise than non-drinkers, which, as we know, also helps reduce our stroke risk.

They also found that those who drink at least one cup of coffee or two cups of green tea daily lower their risk by 32 percent of having an intracerebral hemorrhage, which causes nearly 13 percent of all strokes.

“The regular action of drinking tea, coffee, largely benefits cardiovascular health because it partly keeps blood clots from forming,” Kokubo explained.

Before you go too crazy with drinking green tea and coffee, however, know that a cup of coffee or tea in Japan is only six ounces. While adding a cup or two of coffee and green tea has been found to be beneficial to your health, going overboard can be just as bad.

That said, have you had your green tea or cup of coffee today?

Green Tea a Day Could Keep the Dentist Away

Green TeaMost likely, you’ve heard of the health benefits of green tea to nearly ad nauseum. Green tea’s antioxidants have been found to eliminate factors that can damage DNA and contribute to cancer, blood clots, and heart disease. These antioxidants are not unlike the antioxidants found in grapes, berries, red wine, and dark chocolate.

But did you know green tea can improve your dental health as well? It can actually prevent bacteria in your mouth from causing dental problems. Continue reading