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Folgers Filter Pack Coffee – No Mess Option for Coffee Brewers

Folgers Filter PackOne feature that K-cup and coffee pod brewers have loved with their single-serve machines is how little of a mess they have with K-cups and coffee pods. There’s no disgusting filter to remove, no filter cup to clean, and there’s no chance that they will spill ground coffee while heaping it into the filter. Those with traditional coffee brewers typically haven’t switched to this tidier method of coffee brewing, because they either want or need to brew those full pots of coffee.

Fortunately, thanks to Folgers, there is now a cleaner option for coffee pot aficionados.

It’s called the Folgers Filter Pack, which combines enough ground coffee to brew a full pot with a coffee filter. Each pack is pre-measured, so all you have to do is place the filter pack in your brewer like you would your coffee filter, and then let your roaster do what it does best. Once the process is complete, you can easily toss the used pack into the trash without worrying about spilling any used coffee grounds.

Since each Filter Pack is pre-measured for a full pot of coffee (10-12 cups), the process of brewing a pot of coffee has been cut down to as many steps as a single-serve machine. There’s also no chance of spilling any ground coffee while pouring it into the filter with the Filter Pack.

Additionally, the design is a space-saver for cabinets, so users don’t have to stack filters and coffee packs separately. For small offices with limited space, this can be a life saver.

We currently sell Folgers Filter Packs in cases of 40, in both regular and decaffeinated. Try a pack with your next order and see how easy these Filter Packs can make your daily brewing become!