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Iced Coffee Hacks

The weather around here bounces back and forth between hot and slightly chilly, but iced coffee season is definitely upon us! We’ve written before on the dos and don’ts of making your own iced coffee, which you should most definitely reread if you need a refresher. This post, however, is about different hacks you can do to make that iced coffee even better or give it a little kick. Sometimes it’s just fun to spruce things or literally spice things up in your iced coffee routine!

Flavored Ice Cubes

If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, then you know all about making coffee ice cubes so that the coffee doesn’t dilute as the ice melts. But why stop at coffee ice cubes?

Try making ice cubes from chocolate for a super sweet treat. All you need is cocoa powder, water, agave syrup, and a little bit of your time over a hot stove. ManMade Guide has the recipe on this delicious idea.


Add a sprig of mint to your ice cube trays, whether you’re making chocolate, coffee, or regular water ice cubes.

Shake the Coffee Cold.

Instead of pouring the coffee over ice cubes, dump all of your iced coffee ingredients into a bartender’s shaker, add ice, and shake it, baby! There’s a reason why bartenders use this method to pour cold cocktails, and it’s not for the arm workout. Continue reading

Coffee Hacks for Better Coffee Experience

CoffeeWe can all agree that coffee is a wonderful, wonderful thing. Most of us coffee aficionados live for our daily cups of coffee. If we could make that experience better, why wouldn’t we? Here are a few coffee hacks to try to improve upon your next cup or perhaps make your daily ritual a little easier.

Rinse coffee filters before using.

As you may have seen from our post last week, when brewing via the pour-over method, it’s best to rinse out the coffee filter to remove that starchy flavor before adding in the coffee grounds and hot water. Why not do the same when using an automatic coffeemaker?

Rinse the filters using hot water before placing them in your coffeemaker, and we can guarantee you’ll taste a difference.

Use cinnamon instead of sugar.

If you’re trying to cut back on sugar and excess calories, try using cinnamon in your next cup instead of sugar.

Is your coffee too bitter? Add in a pinch of salt.

Instead of dumping in more sugar or creamer into you coffee to counteract the bitter taste, sprinkle in a pinch of salt. It’s important to use just a pinch or your coffee will taste salty. The salt naturally counteracts against the bitter flavors. Continue reading