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History of Cafe Bustelo Coffee

We now proudly carry Cafe Bustelo coffee, a true Cuban roast that will take you to coffee shops of Havana without the hassle of air travel or a Castro dictatorship. The coffee originally came from the streets of Cuba, and the creators took their roasting craft with them as they left Cuba and made their way to New York.

Gregorio Bustelo was originally from Galicia, Spain, but during a trip to Cuba, he fell in love with the unique coffee on the island to the point that he got a job at a local coffee roaster. After living in Cuba for just a few months, he met and married a Cuban woman who loved coffee as much as he did.

Not long after they married, they moved to Puerto Rico, and Gregario took what he learned from the Cuban coffee industry to the Puerto Rican industry. Around this time, the US passed the Jones-Shafroth Act, which granted people of Puerto Rico US citizenship. The Bustelos and numerous other Puerto Ricans promptly left the island to start a new life in New York. Continue reading