Study Suggests Drinking Coffee Alleviates Depression

Happy CoffeeA recent Harvard study has suggested that if you drink two to four cups of coffee a day, it can help alleviate depression.

Their study focused mostly on suicides and risk of suicide. They reviewed three different US health studies that included over 200,000 people and tracked down any death certificates from these studies. From comparing the number of those in these studies who committed suicide with information in the health studies regarding coffee consumption, the researchers concluded that those who consumed 2-4 cups of coffee a day halved their risk of suicide. These cups of coffee were definitely caffeinated coffee, suggesting that half-caff or decaffeinated coffee does not reduce a suicide risk.

Coffee (caffeinated coffee) has been linked to happiness before, but this is the first time it’s been linked with a decreased suicide rate. As such, since most suicides are the result of depression, the study does seem to suggest that coffee can help alleviate depression. (Please note that the study has not concluded or proven this, only suggested it.)

Have you ever noticed that you have a bit of a happy pick-me-up after drinking your first cup of coffee, and it’s not because you’re a little more awake? Have you ever thought that coffee made you a nicer, more pleasant person? Do you look forward to your first cup of coffee of the day, no matter how sleepy or wide awake you are? It turns out there could be something to that. Therefore, it only makes sense that you add another cup of coffee to your daily diet as well as to your orders from

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