Story Behind Starbucks Pike Place Roast

Pike Place Market

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If you’ve ever visited Seattle, then you may already know where the name of Starbucks famous Pike Place Roast came from. But if don’t know where it came from and would enjoy a little smidgen of a history lesson, then let us indulge you.

Pike Place is a famous market in Seattle, Washington that was founded in 1907, and it’s actually the oldest, continually operating farmers market in the US.  It overlooks the beautiful Elliott Bay waterfront, and the marketplace includes the famous fish-tossing fishmongers you have undoubtedly seen on TV at least once.

Pike Place is one of Seattle’s most popular tourist attractions, bringing in roughly ten million visitors a year.

Pike Place is also home to the very first Starbucks Coffee Shop, which has become quite the tourist attraction as well. They don’t throw salmon, but many coffee lovers enjoy stopping by and viewing where the magic of Starbucks all began. It’s amazing to think that something that started in a small coffee shop in a farmers market could have grown to a franchise that builds shops on almost every corner.

And so, the Pike Place Roast is Starbucks own homage to their humble beginnings in Pike Place market. As to why Starbucks created that particular flavor for their coffee, their website claims, “Pike Place Roast is a tip of the hat to our history in Seattle’s Pike Place Market and a heartfelt toast to everyone who loves rich coffee.”

Pike Place Roast used to be a Starbucks in-house exclusive, but now coffee drinkers can purchase it wherever great coffee is sold. If you enjoy rich, full-bodied coffee and haven’t tried Pike Place Roast, considering ordering a pack or two with your next coffee purchase.

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