Saving Money on Coffee This Holiday Season

The I Love Coffee blog is one of the best coffee blogs out there, simply because she comes up with creative infographics for boring statistics. In turn, she makes boring statistics seem interesting.

For example, she recently posted how much money millennials will spend on coffee over the holidays, which if you do the math, is staggering.

Courtesy of I Love Coffee blog

Courtesy of I Love Coffee blog

Her study comes from mostly coffeeshop data, as she notes in another infographic that 45.5 cents of every $1 millennials spend on coffee goes to Starbucks. That’s a lot of money to be spent at coffeeshops, and while we totally get the need to keep that coffee fix going, there are so many cheaper ways to stay caffeinated with coffee.

For starters, you can always brew your own. Here’s another lovely infographic to show how much money you can save from brewing your own coffee vs. going to Starbucks.

Courtesy of I Love Coffee blog

Courtesy of I Love Coffee blog

Now if you’re attached to special flavor drinks, don’t think you’re resigned to relying on your favorite latte-brewing shop. Early cappuccino machines used to be a burden and a pain to use and maintain, but thanks to Nescafé, it’s gotten far easier to make cappuccinos and mochas at home. It may seem pricey up front, but if you do the math (we’ve done it for you!) it won’t take long to see how much you will save with the Nescafé Alegria A510.

Not sure how to make those fancy flavored drinks you like at coffee shops with the Nescafé Alegria A510? We have some recipes for that as well, in addition to several different Coffee-mate liquid pump creamers that can turn your latte into that peppermint mocha you love.

Save your money this holiday season for that massive Christmas shopping list you know you have. Brew coffee at home, make your coffee drinks the way you will definitely like it, and enjoy the savings. And if you really can’t let go of Starbucks, we can save you some money on buying Starbucks’ roasts.

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