Reuse Your Old Coffee Grounds

Coffee GroundsBy and large, coffee is already “green” since it is biodegradable. Many people already dump their old coffee grounds into their compost piles, but did you know that you can reuse your old coffee grounds for many other things outside of your compost pile? Coffee grounds can be used to improve your garden, create your own natural facial mask, or even prevent fleas.

Clean Your Dishes

Have stubborn food stuck on your dishes? The coarse texture of coffee grounds is perfect for helping scrub dirty dishes. Pack the grounds into a square cloth, gather the corners together, and then tie off the corners with a rubber band. You now have your own version of steel wool.

Remove Odors

Rub coffee grounds on your hands to remove pungent odors from cooking fragrant food, such as after chopping garlic.

If your refrigerator is rather fragrant, fill an old nylon or sock with old coffee grounds and store it in your refrigerator or even your freezer.

Make Your Own Facial

Coffee grounds are actually a natural exfoliate, and you can create your own facial mask with them. Combine 1/4 cup grounds with an egg white for a completely natural exfoliating mask. It may not smell great, but it will work just as well if not better than a nice smelling mask you can buy.

Prevent Fleas

Yes, believe it or not, you can use coffee grounds to create a natural flea prevention for your pets! Simply brush the coffee grounds through your pet’s fur to distribute them evenly.

Repair Furniture Scratches

Rub wet coffee grounds across any scratches in your furniture, and the damaged areas will absorb the brown coffee dye, thereby repairing the scratch.

Care for Your Garden

Adding used coffee grounds to your garden helps your plants in numerous ways. The grounds release nitrogen, which acts as a natural fertilizer. Worms also like to eat the grounds, so when they visit your garden to eat the coffee, they will naturally aerate your soil. Coffee grounds are also natural pest repellants. As mentioned above, they prevent flea infestations, and they will prevent insects from munching on your plants as well!

So don’t throw out your coffee grounds with your used filters–pack them away for future uses. Even if you aren’t interested in going green, we’ll bet you’re interested in saving money by reusing your grounds instead of buying additional products.

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