Which Professionals Drink the Most Coffee?

drink-coffee-and-work-better-3How many pots of coffee does your office chug in a week? In a day? How many of your co-workers constantly have a full mug of joe on their desks throughout the day? Dunkin’ Donuts and Career Builder were rather curious which jobs consumed the most coffee, so they conducted a little survey.

And the top 15 coffee-consuming professions are:

  1. Scientist/Lab Technician
  2. Marketing/PR Professional
  3. Education Administrator
  4. Editor/Writer
  5. Healthcare Administrator
  6. Physician
  7. Food Preparer
  8. Professor
  9. Social Worker
  10. Financial Professional
  11. Personal Caretaker
  12. HR Benefits Coordinator
  13. Nurse
  14. Government Professional
  15. Skilled Tradesperson

That last one is rather vague, to say the least. It’s a little shocking that lawyer did not make the list.

And how do most professionals take their coffee?

Editors, writers, government professionals, and teachers are most likely to add flavor to their coffee.

HR professionals and caretakers are most likely to prefer cream and sugar with their coffee.

Judges, attorneys, and hotel workers most often prefer their coffee to be black.

How much do these professionals need their coffee?

  • 46% of all workers in the US claim they are less productive without coffee.
  • 49% of workers in the Northeast claim they need coffee while on the job, as the ritual for drinking coffee throughout the day in that region is stronger than anywhere else in the US.
  • 61% of professionals who claim they need coffee to get through the day drink at least 2 cups of coffee each and every day.

Where do you and your particular job fall in this survey?

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