Powdered vs. Liquid Creamers

It is estimated that 62% of all coffee drinkers add creamer to their coffee, totaling 37 billion cups of non-dairy creamer consumed every year. Considering over 60% of creamer users choose a creamer based on flavor, it’s obviously about changing the taste of coffee over simply using milk for creamer-aficionados.

When it comes to flavored non-dairy creamers, Coffee-mate is undoubtedly one of the most popular brands, and Coffee-mate offers both powder and liquid versions of these creamers. Which begs to question, which type of creamer is better?

You can find numerous debates on this topic with a quick Google search. In the end, it all comes down to your personal preferences:

  • How much creamer do you go through?
  • What flavor creamer do you like?
  • Do you use creamers often for recipes?

Powdered creamers have more calories than liquid creamers, but they’re also far more potent than liquid creamers. Only one teaspoon of a powdered creamer equals a couple of tablespoons of liquid creamer.

Powdered creamers also last longer than liquid creamers, especially the liquid creamers that need to be refrigerated after opening. So for those who do not consume large quantities of coffee with creamer a day, keeping a powdered creamer may be the most cost-effective way to go.

However, do you have a particular flavor you enjoy the most? Some flavors are only available in liquid, such as cinnamon vanilla creme creamer. That will greatly restrict what type of creamer you stock as well.

Do you like to bake with creamers? It may sound strange, but the French Vanilla coffee creamer can be used in numerous recipes as either a flavoring agent or as a substitute for vanilla extract. Many connoisseurs swear by using creamer in recipes, and these recipes require powdered creamer. If you cook with creamer as well as add it to your daily coffee, the powdered creamer is the way for you. (If you’re looking for some recipes, check out this extensive list from Hungry Girl.)

Need to stock up on your Coffee-mate inventory? We carry both powdered and liquid creamers, in several flavors for each and in different count packages.

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  1. Jane Jumonong

    I love to add liquid creamer to my coffee but thy’re not available in 1 litre here in Australia
    pls tell me where can I buy it .Iwas in USA last August 2014 and I enjoyed my coffee all the time I was there .here in Australia ,, they are only available in small portions to be able to buy 1 ltre is better.Pls Email me Thanks!


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