How to Make Oreo Iced Coffee at Home

oreo-iced-coffeeOreos go great in milk for sure, but have you thought about making your own Oreo iced coffee concoction? It’s actually easier than you may think.

All you need are coffee, milk, ice cube trays, and Oreo cookies.

First, crush up the cookies and then line the bottoms of the tray cubes with the crumbs. Fill the tray with milk, and then freeze it overnight.

The next morning, brew some coffee, and then drop in a couple of the Oreo milk cubes into your mug. Instant Oreo iced coffee.

Watch this six second video below for a hands-on demonstration.

Want to make an Oreo frappuccino?

Add your Oreo milk ice cubes to coffee in a blender. Mix it together for a creamy blend, pour into a mug, and top of with whipped cream.

Super simple sweet treat that you an easily do for far cheaper than buying at a coffee house!

Want another fun Oreo hack involving coffee?

Use a French press to dunk an entire bag of mini Oreo cookies into milk at once.

One thought on “How to Make Oreo Iced Coffee at Home

  1. Garren M.

    Thank you for the informative instructions. I tried this drink at a Dunkin Donuts and tasted pretty darn good. I plan on trying this at home!


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