Introducing the Nescafé Alegria 510

Nescafé AlegriaYou may love your Keurig or your coffee pod brewer, but if you want a coffee shop styled drink, such as a cafe mocha, you’re going to go out to your local Starbucks or similar venue, right? If you make such a trip every day and order the small size, you’re looking at spending an average of at least $21 a week, $84 a month, and $1,008 a year. Oh sure, you may have tried a home cappuccino maker once before, and you most likely abandoned it to collect dust after you got tired of cleaning the thing inside and out after every use. And of course, by the time you got done cleaning it, your mocha was cold. Back to Starbucks you go.

Here’s an easier and cheaper way to get the coffee drinks you, your employees, and your customers love. We’d like to introduce you to the perfect Christmas gift for your office or a beloved coffee drinker–the Nescafé Alegria 510.

With a simple press of a button, the Nescafé Alegria 510 can brew one of five popular coffee shop drinks:

  • Espresso
  • Americano
  • Lungo
  • Cappuccino
  • Latte Macchiato

It requires very little set up and even less cleaning than your average home cappuccino maker. Don’t believe it’s possible? Check out the video below that shows off just how easy this little modern marvel is.

Buy our starter pack now for just $164.99. It includes

  • Nescafé Alegria 510,
  • Nescafé Alegria Coffee,
  • Coffee-mate Tabletop Pump Holder,
  • Coffee-mate Original Tabletop Pump,
  • Coffee-mate French Vanilla Tabletop Pump, and
  • Coffee-mate Hazelnut Tabletop Pump.

It’s the perfect set to get you started with brewing your favorite coffee drinks with your favorite flavors now!

While you’re shopping, pick up some Coffee-mate Creamer as well. These creamers go quite well with the coffee drinks, especially if you’re looking to create your own cafe mocha or even peppermint mocha for the holiday season.

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