What’s Our National Coffee Brand?

If you had to guess which coffee brand Americans love the most, which would you pick? The one you drink? The one you see the most commercials for? The one you see the most of in grocery stores? America’s preferred coffee brands may surprise you.

8535006_f520According to Statista, a web source that does nothing but collect mounds and mounds of statistical data for our viewing pleasure, the following are the US’s top 10 coffee brands. This stat is based upon reported coffee sales throughout 2015.

  1. Folgers
  2. Maxwell House
  3. Private label (independent roasters)
  4. Starbucks
  5. Dunkin’ Donuts
  6. Gevalia
  7. Peets Coffee
  8. Community
  9. Eight O’Clock
  10. Chock Full o’ Nuts

These are based upon ground coffee sales, not popular places to purchase coffee. Sales include all bags of ground coffee sold in coffee shops, but not cups of regular coffee sold in said shops.

Based upon bags of ground coffee sold, Folgers would be our National Coffee. But how about decaf coffee? Is Folgers decaf coffee just as favored?

Decaffeinated coffee undergoes a water soaking process to eliminate the caffeine, which removes a bit of its flavor as well. It’s partially why people have a hard time making the switch to decaf; many will claim it tastes different even though what they miss is the jolt, although it is true–it does taste slightly different.

The following are America’s top 10 favorite decaf coffee brands, based upon bags of ground decaf coffee sold:

  1. Folgers
  2. Private label (independent roasters)
  3. Dunkin’ Donuts
  4. Starbucks
  5. Maxwell House
  6. Peet’s Coffee
  7. Gevalia
  8. New England
  9. Folgers Simply Smooth
  10. Eight O’Clock

In other words, Folgers makes some really fantastic decaf coffee. The label made it twice in the chart.

But now that K-cup single-serve coffee has gotten so popular, what are America’s favorite K-cup providers? It’s not Folgers this time.

  1. Keurig Green Mountain Coffee
  2. Starbucks
  3. Private label (independent roasters)
  4. Folgers Gourmet Selections
  5. Eight O’Clock
  6. Gevalia
  7. Donut House
  8. Newman’s Own Organics
  9. Maxwell House Cafe Collection
  10. Donut Shop

Are the top brands your favorite brand?

One thought on “What’s Our National Coffee Brand?

  1. lowell

    FOLGERS!! 😉 The worst coffee in the world. Just shows we (Americans) have no taste at all. Our “favorite” pizza is Dominos, our “favorite” “Mexican food” is Taco Bell (god forgive us) our favorite burger McDonalds, etc., etc. We are homogenizing the planet Earth, and it’s not a good thing. Thanks for your site, though. Interesting stuff.


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