National Clean Your Coffee Machine Day

We really do have a celebration day for everything in this country, don’t we? Coffee company Merlo declared June 1st to be National Clean Your Coffee Machine Day as the best tasting cup of coffee comes from a clean machine. If a coffee machine is not cleaned regularly, the quality and flavor of the coffee brewed will suffer. It makes perfect sense.

Dean Merlo urges home and office baristas to clean their coffee machines at least once a year, preferably every four to six months. So why not clean your machine on National Clean Your Coffee Machine Day?

So how can you tell if your coffee machine is due for a cleaning? For starters, if you can’t remember the last time you cleaned your machine, then it’s most likely time. The following are some other signs that your coffee machine is begging for a good cleaning:

  • Coffee takes longer to brew than usual.
  • Coffee is starting to taste burned.
  • The machine itself makes unusual noises or does not perform consistently.

If you have any of these signs or you don’t remember the last time you’ve cleaned your coffee machine, it’s time to clean.

How to Clean Your Coffee Machine

  1. Fill your coffee brewer’s water tank with a combination of one liter of water and either 50mL of liquid descaler or 1 Cleancaf descaler tablet.
  2. Run brew cycles until the water tank is empty.
  3. Refill water tank with clean water this time, and then repeat step 2.
  4. To ensure that remaining flavors of cleaning products do not trickle into your next pot of coffee, brew three cups of coffee and discard them.

Cleaning your machine is easier than you thought, right?

With your next cup of coffee, you will taste the difference a clean coffee brewer makes. Now that your brewer is clean, mark your calendar for six months out or for the next June 1st. You’ll also notice that cleaning your brewer will keep it going longer!

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