New Keurig Brewers Will Block Copycat K-Cups


It’s a no-brainer that the Keurig K-Cup brewer has revolutionized how people brew coffee at home and in the office. The director of the National Coffee Association called the invention “the biggest change in coffee-brewing technology since Mr. Coffee was introduced in the 1970s.”  It’s no shocker since the Keurig has been readily adopted in consumers’ homes, copycat K-Cups and K-Cup brewers have popped up everywhere.

In order to protect its brand, Keurig has created a new brewer that will scan the K-Cups for Keurig’s markings and lock out any unapproved pods. These markings use ink inspired by the US Mint’s own technology to combat counterfeit currency.

Keurig recently showed off the new brewer at a tasting event, and when they tried to use an old-model pod without the new markings, the machine would not operate. The touchscreen displays a message explaining that this machine only uses specific pods, and then it conveniently directs the user to Keurig’s website and customer service phone number.

In addition, this new brewer combines single-cup and whole pot brewing capability, allowing consumers to have just one coffee brewer in their homes to do either. The anti-counterfeit markings on the pods also help the brewer distinguish between brewing a single cup or an entire carafe.

The new Keurig has a few extra improvements as well, such as giving consumers the ability to adjust the strength of the brew. There’s even an air pump for creating “fluffier” hot chocolate.

Keurig’s new brewer is expected to hit the market this fall.

These new marked k-cups will work in older models of Keurig brewers, so if you want a Keurig but don’t like the idea of waiting for the release of the new brewers, you can still buy the current Keurig models now. Keurig will discontinue the current models as inventories are depleted. will have the new Keurig 2.0 brewers as soon as they are available.

2 thoughts on “New Keurig Brewers Will Block Copycat K-Cups

  1. Larry

    This is a terrible idea! I bought my machine at Best Buy, so I have 60 days to be persuaded if I want to keep it or not.

    I like the carafe feature, but I REALLY object to the fact that I have rather a large stash of Keurig-approved K-cups I can no longer use! To be fair, the company offered to send me a coupon to order two free 24-count boxes, but I have about 300 pods, so I ordered the freedom clip!

  2. Helen

    The Freedom Clip fools the new keurig into thinking any type of pod you use is one of their new ones. Unless Keurig is willing to get off the stick and start producing biodegradeable pods, people will continue to hack.


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