K-cups and Brew Over Ice K-cups: What’s the Difference?

free-brew-over-ice-k-cup-sampler-fsfYou can use K-cups to brew iced coffee easily, but there are also Brew Over Ice K-cups that seem to be only be used for brewing iced coffee or iced tea. With these two different types of K-cups, what is the difference?

You can use either K-cup to brew hot or over ice, but the Brew Over Ice K-cups have one key difference that makes them a bit more suitable for brewing a single serving of iced coffee: more coffee packed within.

These K-cup makers know that with iced coffee comes the risk of watered down coffee (unless you use coffee ice cubes, of course!). To combat that risk, many consumers brew using a smaller mug size on their machines. Instead of doing that, use a Brew Over Ice K-cup, brew at the setting appropriate for your mug, and never worry about overly-watered down iced coffee from your K-cup machine again.

Of course, if you like a stronger tasting coffee, try using one of the Brew Over Ice K-cups with your regular cup of joe. It will definitely taste a bit more bitter, since there isn’t as much water from the ice to dilute it, but you can easily counteract this with salt, one of the many amazing coffee life hacks.

The best idea is to experiment and try each type of K-cup with your preferred temperature of coffee brew. Brew Over Ice K-cups may not be your cup of tea (or coffee!), and brewing with regular K-cups fits your taste buds a bit better.

Let us know what K-cup coffee hacks you have! Do you prefer the regular or Brew Over Ice K-cups for your single-serve iced coffee needs?

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