Guest Post: How to Make Your Coffee Healthy

Healthy coffeeIt’s rare these days for coffee drinkers to take their coffee black. Most people (this writer included) prefer coffee a bit sweet. However; many don’t consider their sweet coffee habits are what hinders them from losing weight. If you’re consistently adding lots of calories to your coffee, here are some things you can do to help turn that daily cup into healthy coffee and you’ll be amazed at how quickly the weight drops. From my personal experience, dropping to nonfat milk with my morning indulgence melted off four pounds in a week. Going sugar-free dropped another three pounds.

Dietician Keri Gans offers several tips on how to make that cup of coffee just a wee bit healthier.

Cut down on the size of your coffee.

If you routinely buy coffee at coffee shops, go for the smaller 12 oz cup instead of the 20 oz. You can save 60 calories alone by ordering the small cappuccino. If you add sugary syrups, you can save as much as 170 calories with the smaller portion.

Use nonfat milk.

As I attested to earlier, switching to nonfat milk in your coffee, no matter if you go to a coffee shop or add milk to your coffee at home, will make a huge difference. Unless you tell your barista you want nonfat milk, they will typically use 2% or even whole milk. Switching from 2% to nonfat in your coffee can save you 50 calories with each serving. It may not sound like a lot, but those 50 calories can add up over time, especially if you drink several fancy coffee drinks in a day.

Forgo the syrup.

Adding syrup to your coffee adds many, many calories. If you simply can’t live without that tasty sweetener in your coffee, then try a sugar-free version. Or, better yet, use a sugar-free creamer so you can skip both the sugary syrup and milk altogether.

Skip the whip.

It doesn’t matter if they offer you fat-free whipped cream; whipped cream is chock full of empty calories. Leave it off your coffee entirely. Did you know that three Hershey kisses have fewer calories than the dollop of whipped cream your barista will pour on your coffee?

Cut down on your sugar.

If you add one packet of sugar to your coffee, don’t sweat it. One packet is only 11 calories. If you’re adding more than that or you drink several cups of coffee a day, you’re consuming loads of extra empty calories. Try using artificial sweeteners instead, as they often have fewer calories, such as Truvia.

Your calorie goal for each cup of coffee should be about 100 calories, especially if you drink more than one cup a day. Try it for a couple of weeks, and you’ll be amazed at much easier it is to lose weight.

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