Flavored K-Cups

Think that the only flavored K-cups you can buy from MyCoffeeSupply are hazelnut and pecan with the seasonal pumpkin spice? That may seem to be the case, but we actually have several unique flavored coffees you can brew by the cup with your Keurig brewer.

Breakfast-Inspired Flavored K-Cups

Our favorite sweet breakfast foods are delicious, but eating them often comes at a cost to your waistline. Instead of grabbing that donut, why not try Donut House’s Chocolate Glazed Donut K-Cup? Or try one of these other tasty breakfast-flavored K-Cups:

Adult Beverage Inspired Flavored K-Cups

Sorry, these don’t actually have any alcohol in them, but they help give your coffee a bit of that flavor!

Coffeehouse Drink Flavored K-Cups

You don’t always have to go to a coffeehouse to get delicious flavors added to your brew. You also don’t have to buy those syrups that will pack on the calories. Try a few of these at your home or office.

Seasonal Flavored K-Cups

Naturally, we have a number of flavored K-cups that only release certain times of year, such as the fall or winter holidays. We have a few of these in stock now if you aren’t ready to let go of these tastes just yet!

Of course, you can always flavor up your K-cups with our Coffee-mate Creamers! Create your own concoctions with the creamers or by combining these flavored coffees with flavored creamers! The flavor possibilities are endless.

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