Draft Lattes are Officially a Thing

We’ve discussed coffee brewed to taste like beer, but what do you think about coffee kept on tap and poured like a draft beer?

La Colombe Coffee Roasters in Philadelphia is trying out just that. They’ve put cold lattes on draft from nitro kegs, promising a “naturally sweet milkshake” with a “creamy mouthfeel.” They have named their experiment “draft lattes.”

Draft Latte

Courtesy of La Colombe Roasters

Co-founder Todd Carmichael has been in the process of developing the draft latte for some time. He believes he has perfected his formula, but of course he is not saying exactly what this process is. Carmichael himself describes it as “cold-pressed coffee” combined with frothed cold milk.

“The Draft Latte combines the simplest coffee beverage ingredients and creates a revolutionary drink,” Carmichael said when he officially announced his product. “It’s the process we use to pull the drink from the keg that creates a textured milk that doesn’t exist anywhere else.”

All of the La Colombe cafes will have the draft latte added to their menus by July. So far, the cafes are only in Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, and Washington, D.C.

How long before Starbucks taps into this method for their own spin on draft lattes? Or perhaps we’ll start to see this in bars as well, where patrons can order both draft beer and coffee on draft?

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