Create Coffee Granitas from Used Coffee Grounds

Coffee GranitaWe’ve discussed before interesting, green ways you can re-use your old coffee grounds before throwing them in the trash. But have you ever thought of re-using them for consumption?

Recently, the Food Network aired a special featuring Chef Jonathan Kallini, the pastry chef at Atlanta’s Floataway Cafe, and he offered a recipe he uses from time to time that uses used coffee grounds to make coffee granitas.

A coffee granita is essentially a snow cone made from milk, sugar, and espresso. After mixing the ingredients, the mixture is frozen to ice and repeatedly shaved. The shaved ice is then scooped into a mug or dessert dish and can be topped with ice cream, whipped cream, or even made into a cold parfait.

Instead of buying new, potentially pricey espresso beans for this dessert, Chef Kallini recommends taking 1/2 cup of your used coffee grounds (preferably from a very strong coffee) and resteeping them in 2 cups boiling water. Cover them, and steep for 8 minutes. Strain the grounds and water through a coffee filter into a bowl. Add 1/4 cup sugar and a pinch of salt to the bowl, and then whisk the ingredients together. Pour the mixture into a metal baking dish and freeze. Once the concoction is thoroughly frozen, scrape it with a fork to create the shaved ice. Now you can throw your coffee grounds, which have been used twice, into the trash or your compost pile.

Scoop the shaved coffee ice into a mug of your choice and top it with lightly sweetened whipped cream.

The extra steeping of the grounds makes the coffee granitas taste as good as they would if you used freshly brewed coffee or espresso. In addition, you have squeezed out a bit more mileage out of your coffee beans, which is a bit easier on your wallet than buying more coffee or espresso beans.

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