It’s Cold Outside! Serve Coffee at your Super Bowl Party!

tullysfootballThanks to the polar vortexes, we’ve had some crazy cold weather, especially in the south. Super Bowl Sunday is projected to have yet another dip in temperatures, so while you’re planning your menu for that Super Bowl party, why not add some hot coffee to keep your guests warm?

For example, set out your Keurig machine with a variety of K-cups, both strengths and flavors, for your party guests to choose from.

Or brew a pot of coffee and keep it near your liquor display for warm adult beverages. Two liquors you should definitely keep as options to accompany your coffee: a good Irish whiskey and Bailey’s Irish Cream.

Depending on how late your festivities go, you may want to have coffee ready anyway so no one leaves your party without a jolt of caffeine.

If you do decide to serve coffee (which you should, of course), don’t forget the condiments! Stock up on sugar, creamer, Sweet ‘n Low, and flavored creamers.

After the coffee hounds have cleaned you out, we’d be happy to help you replenish your inventory!

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