The Coffee Personality Test


Last year, clinical psychologist Ramani Durvasula  conducted an online survey to track any correlation between coffee orders and personality types. What she discovered is quite amazing.

While she admits it’s a “playful” study, one conducted for marketing purposes and not entirely a university-sanctioned experiment, but she thinks there could be some validity to her results.

“We’re a lot more pattered than we think,” she said. “Even in the smallest decision, our personality drives that a bit,” she told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “I don’t know if anything defines anyone, but you get insight into peoples’ habits.”

Here is what she found from her study linking personality types to coffee preferences:

  • Plain coffee drinkers are often simple individuals who strongly resist change.
  • Latte drinkers are usually people-pleasers.
  • Frozen or blended drink lovers tend to be trendsetters and reckless.
  • Instant coffee drinkers are laid back and tend to be procrastinators.
  • Those who order the specially ordered drinks, the ones where baristas take up two columns on the side of the coffee cup, are typically perfectionists.
  • Decaf coffee drinkers are more health conscious when it comes to what they eat and drink.

One barista, when asked about the study, said that it was her experience that those who order plain black coffee “know something about coffee or they’re interested in tasting and experiencing the coffee.”

One coffee shop patron, Craig Inzana, explained that he orders black coffee because “you can’t mess that up.” That way, he can make it exactly how he wants it with his preferred doses of sugar and cream.

He also said, “People who order several different orders are just trying to show off and look knowledgeable or look hip. Black coffee drinkers don’t care what people think of them.” Which could also lend to what Dr. Durvasula said about black coffee drinkers being simple. Generally those with simple tastes do not care what others think.

However, Dr. Durvasula has said that two other factors could also impact what coffee people prefer. For example, the venue can also make a huge difference, such as one with plenty of seating and entertainment over a smaller shop with few tables. She also didn’t factor in age, which could grossly affect how someone prefers coffee. Younger patrons typically like sweeter brews and flavors, whereas an older generation often prefers it black.

How do you prefer your coffee? You like coffee drinks like lattes or do you prefer it black? Or are you super, super picky about your particular drink?

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