A Coffee that Helps You Sleep?

Counting sheep

Those who are sensitive to caffeine often have to switch to decaf if they want to continue to enjoy the lovely beverage known as coffee throughout the day. However, what if coffee could be the last thing you drink before bed and actually help you go to sleep?

Deland Jessop wanted to know why there wasn’t a decaf coffee that helped aficionados go to sleep. Jessop wasn’t a coffee fan, but his wife was an addict who had to switch to decaf after 3, and then not touch it again after 5.

He turned their kitchen into a big of a makeshift lab, and tried several herbal concoctions until he found one that not only lulled his wife to sleep, but was tasty and didn’t overpower or ruin the flavor of coffee. He then partnered with a coffee roaster in Newark to combine powdered valerian root with coffee while it is roasted. Together they created Counting Sheep Coffee.

And yes, it is decaf coffee.

Jessop has created two types of Counting Sheep coffee, 40 Winks and Lights Out. 40 Winks has slightly less valerian root in it and will simply induce drowsiness. Lights Out does exactly what it claims.

“The ritual of having a cup of coffee is a very relaxing ritual,” he said. “It’s just a nice warm beverage you want to sit and sip … With the valerian root added, it just kind of adds to it.”

His coffee brand has now made it easy to have coffee when you first wake up to when you go to sleep, which was captured in his company’s motto: “The best way to start your day is now the best way to end it.”

He said that he and his wife used to have a glass of wine together before bed, but now they drink a cup of Counting Sheep together.

The coffee can currently be found in Fresh Market and Market Basket grocery stores. Jessop is meeting with Walmart next month to talk distribution as well.

Would you like to drink coffee right before bed? Imagine a nice, soothing homemade mocha as a sweet treat before bedtime. This definitely has some great possibilities.

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