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Would You Drink Coffee that Tasted like Beer?


Starbucks is currently testing a new drink in a few select stores in Ohio and Florida, and it is supposed to taste like…beer.

It’s called a “Dark Barrel Latte,” and it’s an espresso drink topped with whipped cream and a dark caramel drizzle. The beer flavor comes from a “chocolatey stout-flavored sauce” (or really, roasted malt flavor) that is blended in the drink. There is absolutely no alcohol within the drink, but it most certainly tastes like there is or there should be. At least that’s what several social media posters have claimed.

There is even a Frappuccino option, so you can drink your morning beer brew cold, like most people enjoy beer.

While Starbucks claims this is all part of their regular tests for new drinks, many are speculating other theories. For example, some think that Starbucks is trying to bridge the gap between coffee and beer for their stores that sell beer in the evenings. Others believe that Starbucks is trying to tap into the craft-beer sensation sweeping the nation.

No word on if Starbucks will spread the test to other states, but if it takes off, what is next? Beer-flavored K-Cups or coffee pods? How many other coffee houses or coffee roasters will try to capitalize on this and make their own various flavors of beer/coffee? A lite beer coffee? IPA coffee? Coffee ale?

Most importantly, is a coffee that tastes like beer something you’d be interested in? Many have compared the taste of Guinness and similar dark stouts as tasting coffee-like, but is that desirable first thing in the morning?

April is National Pecan Month

April is National Pecan Month, and naturally, we’re going to suggest you celebrate this month dedicated to that tasty nut with pecan-flavored coffee. We just happen to have a delicious pecan-flavored K-cup by Green Mountain.

If you prefer to eat your pecans instead of drink them, we have a few recommendations.

For those who love pecan pie, Priesters has an incredible pecan pie you can get delivered right to your door. Their inventory includes traditional pecan pies, mini pecan pies, and even chocolate pecan pies.

Old-Fashion-Pecan-Pies-107 Continue reading

Clear Coffee?

CARIBOU COFFEE CLEAR COFFEE BAGAccording to Caribou Coffee, nationwide surveys have stated that the number one complaint of coffee lovers about their love is that it stains. Anyone who has dripped coffee onto their freshly washed and pressed white shirt knows exactly what they mean.

To combat this, the scientists at Caribou Coffee have concocted a new blend of coffee that is completely clear, yet it (supposedly) keeps all the great flavors of coffee. They claim that it’s entirely colorless and stain-free, but tastes the same as any other cup of Caribou Coffee.

These Clear Coffee beans are already up for sale online, and very soon, the company will install this new filtering technology in all of their shops across the nation.

“It’s a game changer,” CEO Mike Tattersfield said. “Caribou Coffee has always been an innovator in the coffee market, so naturally this was the next step. And we knew April 1 was the perfect day to share this new beverage innovation with the world.”

“We’ve already switched over entirely to Clear Coffee in our headquarters,” Tattersfield added. “The cleaning crew loves it.”

It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

And that’s because it is.

This was an elaborate April Fool’s Day prank set up by Caribou Coffee, complete with new website, marketing materials, press releases, and very nice infographs.

So, sorry, the clear coffee does not exist, but Caribou Coffee still roasts a darn good cup of coffee. In fact, they have K-cups too, so you can brew up single cups whenever you like. Just be careful when wearing that crisp white shirt.

Pumpkin Spice K-Cups are Back in Stock!

12-K-Cup-GMC-Pumpkin-SpiceIt’s officially fall, even if it doesn’t feel that way here in Texas. And with the fall means the most popular seasonal flavored coffee is back–pumpkin spice.

We have Green Mountain Pumpkin Spice K-Cups back in stock for the season, just in time before the weather gets a bit chillier. Green Mountain combines the flavors of cinnamon, nutmeg, and pumpkin pie for this favored flavored coffee. No need to rush out to your favorite coffee shop to have them brew you a pumpkin spice latte when you can make your own pumpkin spiced coffee at home.

Each pack comes with 24 cups of coffee for just over $13, which is far cheaper than buying a few pumpkin spice lattes at a coffee house.

Unfortunately, like the Great Pumpkin in those Charlie Brown specials, Green Mountain’s Pumpkin Spice K-Cups are seasonal. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. We do keep them in stock throughout fall and winter, but if you want to keep a few for the spring and summer, it couldn’t hurt to buy a couple of extra boxes or ten and squirrel them away.

Is pumpkin spice your favorite coffee flavor of the fall?

Bacon-flavored Coffee

Berres Brothers Maple Bacon CoffeePeople proclaiming their love for bacon and food brands adding bacon or bacon flavoring to everything have been two steady trends over the last few years. From bacon-flavored salt to bacon and maple syrup donuts, there seems to be little we won’t combine with bacon. And now, a gourmet coffee company has created bacon-flavored coffee.

Berres Brothers is producing a new blend, Maple Bacon, which combines the taste of their full body roast with bacon and maple syrup. Their roast includes 100% Arabica coffee beans flavored with maple syrup and bacon.

If this blend takes off, we’ll undoubtedly see similar flavors surface across the brands. Perhaps we’ll see bacon-flavored syrups at coffee shops as well. Then what could be next? Bacon-flavored Coffee-mate creamers? Bacon-flavored sweeteners? Bacon-flavored hot chocolate? (Okay, that last one just sounds awful.)

Do you love bacon this much to drink it in your morning cup of joe?

What’s the difference between coffee and espresso beans?

Espresso shotAt a glance, coffee beans and espresso beans look exactly the same. However, we know that each produces a completely different taste, and espresso is used in most of our popular coffee drinks, such as lattes and cappuccinos.

So what is the difference between them?

Both come from the exact same bean, but the name “espresso” actually refers to a brewing method rather than a type of bean. Specifically, espresso is produced with pressure, whereas coffee is not. Yet, if you brew regular coffee beans with an espresso machine that uses the required pressure, you still won’t produce espresso.

The beans used for creating espresso are roasted differently from regular coffee beans to give espresso its unique bitter taste, its thickness, and its small amount of crema (foam). These beans are roasted until they are far darker than normal coffee beans and have an oily sheen. When ground for brewing, the grinds are also far finer than normal coffee grounds, since they must be tightly packed into a tiny basket.

Since espresso is brewed with pressure, the brewing time is significantly shorter as well. When all is said and done, the typical espresso machine will produce one perfect shot of espresso, instead of cups of coffee.

It’s for this reason we see more coffee brewers in homes than espresso machines; it’s a lot of work for a small result, even though the small result packs quite a punch in terms of taste.

The Flavors of Fall – Pumpkin Spice, Peppermint, and Apple Cider

Fall FoliageFall is often associated with specific colors and smells, such as orange leaves and the smell of the first cold snap or first fires burning. In the world of coffee, there are definitely a few smells and flavors that are tied to Autumn as well. The number one coffee flavoring that gets many coffee drinkers excited for the Fall is pumpkin spice. In many ways, pumpkin spice embodies everything there is about Autumn: orange coloring, pumpkin flavor associated with pumpkin pie and Thanksgiving, and the spice notes are perfect for warming you in cooler weather.

However, while pumpkin spice may be the most popular or well-known Fall flavoring for hot drinks, don’t forget about the sweet and savory taste of peppermint, especially when combined with chocolate. A peppermint mocha often has a bit of a winter vibe to it, but peppermint is a perfect, refreshing pick-me-up in cooler weather, which starts in the Fall–even in Texas. Continue reading