Coffee is in Your DNA. Literally.

coffee-bean-dnaHow much coffee do you drink each day? What time of day do you drink it? Did you know that your genes influence how much coffee you consume each day and when your body naturally craves it?

Scientists have known for a long time that your DNA directly influences your jonesing for java, but a new study has identified the genes that dictate your coffee needs.

The study analyzed results of over 20 other studies that analyzed coffee consumption and implemented DNA scans. These studies included over 120,000 participants. This new study looked specifically for any differences in the participants’ DNA that were associated with drinking more or less coffee.

The research team found eight genetic variants, and two of these had already been linked to coffee consumption. Four of the other variants suggest the genes are involved with caffeine, either in how the body breaks it down or how the body responds to the stimulating effects. The other two variants are actually involved with blood sugar and cholesterol.

Surprisingly though, none of the identified gene variants had anything to do with how people react to the taste of coffee. Perhaps they need to run different DNA-scanning study comparing those who drink coffee, those who drink a lot of coffee, and those who do not drink it to isolate that gene.

So the next time someone tells you that you drink too much coffee or maybe you should cut back, you can always say that you’re genetically driven to love coffee this much. Your DNA demands it. Then pour yourself another cup and smile. Broadly.

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