The Coffee Consumption Trends of Men and Women


Men and women continue to differ in strange ways, and apparently how they drink coffee is one of them.

In Zagat‘s third annual National Coffee Survey, over 1,500 people responded with their personal coffee consumption. The results revealed the following statistics about the coffee habits between men and women.

50.8% of men said they consume coffee, whereas only 32.8% women do.

This stat is a bit mind boggling when you take into consideration how many more women than men one often sees in a coffee shop. It always seems when talking to others that more women drink coffee than men, but perhaps that’s just in the realm of coffee drinkers. We only talk to our own, so perhaps in our world, there are more women than men, percentage-wise.

Men consume 2.4 cups of coffee per day; women 1.9 cups per day.

Apparently these women haven’t heard that drinking at least two cups of coffee per day is very good for you.

Men prefer a regular cup of joe; women prefer lattes.

According to the survey, 30% of the men prefer just a plain cup of coffee. Just following behind it is the preference for a shot of espresso at 14%. Of the women, 22% prefer lattes over other coffee drinks, with a regular cup of coffee looming right behind the stat at 19%.

Men like it black; women like a little sugar.

A majority of all men surveyed, over 57%, said they prefer their coffee black and plain. The most popular sweetener for men is sugar, and only 14% liked sugar in their joe. Women tend to like coffee a little sweeter. 14% reach for sugar (like the men), and 9% prefer Splenda as their sweetener.

Most women sweeten with dairy products, as you’ll see in the next statistic.

Women prefer to add dairy; men still like it black.

When it comes to adding dairy products to the coffee, 26% of women prefer half-and-half, followed by 19% liking skim milk. Men once again prefer to take it black (42%), while 20% said if they do add dairy, they want half-and-half.

Women drink coffee at large chains; men go to local coffee shops.

Both men and women said they prefer to brew coffee at home or at work. But when they do go out for coffee, 31% of women said they will go to large coffee chains (such as Starbucks) more than smaller one location shops. Men, on the other hand, prefer local coffee shops by 23%.

For all of you women and men who do prefer to drink at home or the office, remember, we have you covered on coffee supplies.

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