Coffee Consumption May Prevent Liver Cancer

coffee-beans-with-cup-of-coffeeAnd we have yet another wonderful, healthy reason to consume coffee: a new study has found that drinking coffee may prevent liver cancer.

The study was led by the London, UK-based World Cancer Research Fund International, which was studying the affects of nutrition and diet on liver cancer. In particular,  the research focused on alcohol causing liver cancer, of which the results were disturbing (consuming three alcohol drinks a day is enough to cause liver cancer).

Conversely, during the study, the team found that coffee consumption reduces the risk of developing liver cancer. “Both coffee and coffee extracts have also been shown to reduce the expression of genes involved in inflammation, and the effects appear to be most pronounced in the liver,” the study explained. In fact, by consuming one cup of coffee a day, the risk can be reduced by as much as 14%!

However, the Continuous Update Project (CUP) panel behind the study was quick to point out that “due to the effect of coffee on other medical conditions, recommendations for coffee consumption cannot yet be made.”

They plan to study more on what is a safe recommendation for coffee consumption to both help reduce the risk of liver cancer and not trigger other problems that can be caused by drinking too much caffeine. Once again, it seems that moderation is the key. Two to three cups a day seems to be the agreed upon norm for healthy coffee consumption, not an entire pot by yourself.

But hey, all signs are pointing that there are more reasons why you should enjoy that delicious cup of coffee in the morning than not. Enjoy your cup of joe! It fights cancer!

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