A Coffee Brewing Alarm Clock

Folgers has long said that the “best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup,” a/k/a coffee in your cup. And now, thanks to a British inventor, it may be possible to wake up to Folgers in your cup.

Josh Renouf has created an alarm clock that brews a cup of coffee to wake you up, lulling you out of sleep with the aromatic sensation of freshly brewed coffee. It’s hard to imagine a nicer way to wake up each morning.

The Barisieur

Called the Barisieur, the alarm clock will start brewing coffee at your designated time. In addition to using olfactory senses to wake you, the coffee brewing alarm clock also makes a little noise with its stainless steel ball bearings, which boil the water using induction heating.

All that users have to do, aside from remembering to set their alarm, is to prepare the machine before bed, filling it with water and preferred ground coffee.

There are also little compartments for your milk and condiments!

You can’t buy it just yet, but Renouf has said he expects the Barisieur to retail between $250-$450. The price has been a turnoff for many, especially since you can buy a high end K-cup brewer for less than $250. Others have pointed out that keeping such a fragile device on your nightstand could be a recipe for disaster.

“One sleepy shove and the coffee is all over the electronics, the bedstand and floor,” one Gizmag commenter wrote.

Not to mention, where’s the charging dock for a smartphone?

Would this coffee brewing alarm clock interest you? Or would you rather buy a regular coffee pot brewer that has a timer?

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