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What’s Our National Coffee Brand?

If you had to guess which coffee brand Americans love the most, which would you pick? The one you drink? The one you see the most commercials for? The one you see the most of in grocery stores? America’s preferred coffee brands may surprise you.

8535006_f520According to Statista, a web source that does nothing but collect mounds and mounds of statistical data for our viewing pleasure, the following are the US’s top 10 coffee brands. This stat is based upon reported coffee sales throughout 2015.

  1. Folgers
  2. Maxwell House
  3. Private label (independent roasters)
  4. Starbucks
  5. Dunkin’ Donuts
  6. Gevalia
  7. Peets Coffee
  8. Community
  9. Eight O’Clock
  10. Chock Full o’ Nuts

These are based upon ground coffee sales, not popular places to purchase coffee. Sales include all bags of ground coffee sold in coffee shops, but not cups of regular coffee sold in said shops.

Based upon bags of ground coffee sold, Folgers would be our National Coffee. But how about decaf coffee? Is Folgers decaf coffee just as favored?

Decaffeinated coffee undergoes a water soaking process to eliminate the caffeine, which removes a bit of its flavor as well. It’s partially why people have a hard time making the switch to decaf; many will claim it tastes different even though what they miss is the jolt, although it is true–it does taste slightly different.

The following are America’s top 10 favorite decaf coffee brands, based upon bags of ground decaf coffee sold:

  1. Folgers
  2. Private label (independent roasters)
  3. Dunkin’ Donuts
  4. Starbucks
  5. Maxwell House
  6. Peet’s Coffee
  7. Gevalia
  8. New England
  9. Folgers Simply Smooth
  10. Eight O’Clock

In other words, Folgers makes some really fantastic decaf coffee. The label made it twice in the chart.

But now that K-cup single-serve coffee has gotten so popular, what are America’s favorite K-cup providers? It’s not Folgers this time.

  1. Keurig Green Mountain Coffee
  2. Starbucks
  3. Private label (independent roasters)
  4. Folgers Gourmet Selections
  5. Eight O’Clock
  6. Gevalia
  7. Donut House
  8. Newman’s Own Organics
  9. Maxwell House Cafe Collection
  10. Donut Shop

Are the top brands your favorite brand?

A Coffee that Helps You Sleep?

Counting sheep

Those who are sensitive to caffeine often have to switch to decaf if they want to continue to enjoy the lovely beverage known as coffee throughout the day. However, what if coffee could be the last thing you drink before bed and actually help you go to sleep?

Deland Jessop wanted to know why there wasn’t a decaf coffee that helped aficionados go to sleep. Jessop wasn’t a coffee fan, but his wife was an addict who had to switch to decaf after 3, and then not touch it again after 5.

He turned their kitchen into a big of a makeshift lab, and tried several herbal concoctions until he found one that not only lulled his wife to sleep, but was tasty and didn’t overpower or ruin the flavor of coffee. He then partnered with a coffee roaster in Newark to combine powdered valerian root with coffee while it is roasted. Together they created Counting Sheep Coffee.

And yes, it is decaf coffee.

Jessop has created two types of Counting Sheep coffee, 40 Winks and Lights Out. 40 Winks has slightly less valerian root in it and will simply induce drowsiness. Lights Out does exactly what it claims.

“The ritual of having a cup of coffee is a very relaxing ritual,” he said. “It’s just a nice warm beverage you want to sit and sip … With the valerian root added, it just kind of adds to it.”

His coffee brand has now made it easy to have coffee when you first wake up to when you go to sleep, which was captured in his company’s motto: “The best way to start your day is now the best way to end it.”

He said that he and his wife used to have a glass of wine together before bed, but now they drink a cup of Counting Sheep together.

The coffee can currently be found in Fresh Market and Market Basket grocery stores. Jessop is meeting with Walmart next month to talk distribution as well.

Would you like to drink coffee right before bed? Imagine a nice, soothing homemade mocha as a sweet treat before bedtime. This definitely has some great possibilities.

Clear Coffee?

CARIBOU COFFEE CLEAR COFFEE BAGAccording to Caribou Coffee, nationwide surveys have stated that the number one complaint of coffee lovers about their love is that it stains. Anyone who has dripped coffee onto their freshly washed and pressed white shirt knows exactly what they mean.

To combat this, the scientists at Caribou Coffee have concocted a new blend of coffee that is completely clear, yet it (supposedly) keeps all the great flavors of coffee. They claim that it’s entirely colorless and stain-free, but tastes the same as any other cup of Caribou Coffee.

These Clear Coffee beans are already up for sale online, and very soon, the company will install this new filtering technology in all of their shops across the nation.

“It’s a game changer,” CEO Mike Tattersfield said. “Caribou Coffee has always been an innovator in the coffee market, so naturally this was the next step. And we knew April 1 was the perfect day to share this new beverage innovation with the world.”

“We’ve already switched over entirely to Clear Coffee in our headquarters,” Tattersfield added. “The cleaning crew loves it.”

It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

And that’s because it is.

This was an elaborate April Fool’s Day prank set up by Caribou Coffee, complete with new website, marketing materials, press releases, and very nice infographs.

So, sorry, the clear coffee does not exist, but Caribou Coffee still roasts a darn good cup of coffee. In fact, they have K-cups too, so you can brew up single cups whenever you like. Just be careful when wearing that crisp white shirt.

How Much Caffeine is in Your Favorite Brand’s Coffee?

We all have our favorite brands of coffee, whether we buy bags of beans or a cup of joe from coffee shops. However, due to different roasting techniques, coffee flavors, etc., not all coffee house coffees contain the same jolt of caffeine. In many ways, it’s not unlike the percentage of alcohol found amongst different types of the same liquor.

The people at Thrillist made a nifty infographic to show how much caffeine resides in popular coffee house brands, and the results may surprise you. (The number from the Deathwish coffee house should not surprise anyone given the name of the shop is actually Deathwish.) Continue reading

Bacon-flavored Coffee

Berres Brothers Maple Bacon CoffeePeople proclaiming their love for bacon and food brands adding bacon or bacon flavoring to everything have been two steady trends over the last few years. From bacon-flavored salt to bacon and maple syrup donuts, there seems to be little we won’t combine with bacon. And now, a gourmet coffee company has created bacon-flavored coffee.

Berres Brothers is producing a new blend, Maple Bacon, which combines the taste of their full body roast with bacon and maple syrup. Their roast includes 100% Arabica coffee beans flavored with maple syrup and bacon.

If this blend takes off, we’ll undoubtedly see similar flavors surface across the brands. Perhaps we’ll see bacon-flavored syrups at coffee shops as well. Then what could be next? Bacon-flavored Coffee-mate creamers? Bacon-flavored sweeteners? Bacon-flavored hot chocolate? (Okay, that last one just sounds awful.)

Do you love bacon this much to drink it in your morning cup of joe?

Caribou Coffee to Close 80 Stores

Caribou CoffeeAre you a fan of Caribou Coffee? If you live in certain states, you may have to start ordering online to satiate your love of the brand.

Earlier this month, the coffee company announced that it will close 80 of their stores due to performance issues, and they will convert another 88 into Peet’s Coffee & Tea locales. The closures will take place in April in the following states: Georgia, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and C. The stores that will be converted into Peet’s shops reside in DC, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Georgia, Illinois, and Wisconsin.

Once the conversions are complete, Caribou Coffee will only house stores in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Kansas, North Carolina, Colorado, and in 10 international stores. Unless all 80 stores that will be closed lie in one or two states, this information will still be correct after the closures.

If Caribou Coffee is your brand of choice and you will lose out on a market, don’t forget you can still order this great coffee online to brew at home! The coffee company has not said that they will stop selling their brand online or even in grocery stores, so do not fear that you could possibly lose all access to this tasty brew.

Do you have a Keurig brewer? If so, there are Caribou Coffee K-cups available, and we happen to carry them. Haven’t tried Caribou Coffee before? Order a packet of the K-cups and see what Minnesota has loved for years!

Folgers Filter Pack Coffee – No Mess Option for Coffee Brewers

Folgers Filter PackOne feature that K-cup and coffee pod brewers have loved with their single-serve machines is how little of a mess they have with K-cups and coffee pods. There’s no disgusting filter to remove, no filter cup to clean, and there’s no chance that they will spill ground coffee while heaping it into the filter. Those with traditional coffee brewers typically haven’t switched to this tidier method of coffee brewing, because they either want or need to brew those full pots of coffee.

Fortunately, thanks to Folgers, there is now a cleaner option for coffee pot aficionados.

It’s called the Folgers Filter Pack, which combines enough ground coffee to brew a full pot with a coffee filter. Each pack is pre-measured, so all you have to do is place the filter pack in your brewer like you would your coffee filter, and then let your roaster do what it does best. Once the process is complete, you can easily toss the used pack into the trash without worrying about spilling any used coffee grounds.

Since each Filter Pack is pre-measured for a full pot of coffee (10-12 cups), the process of brewing a pot of coffee has been cut down to as many steps as a single-serve machine. There’s also no chance of spilling any ground coffee while pouring it into the filter with the Filter Pack.

Additionally, the design is a space-saver for cabinets, so users don’t have to stack filters and coffee packs separately. For small offices with limited space, this can be a life saver.

We currently sell Folgers Filter Packs in cases of 40, in both regular and decaffeinated. Try a pack with your next order and see how easy these Filter Packs can make your daily brewing become!

The History Behind Maxwell House’s “Good to the Last Drop”

Most likely over the last several decades, you have heard Maxwell House‘s famous slogan for their coffee, “Good to the Last Drop.” The slogan has actually been around since 1917, but it wasn’t until the 1930s that Maxwell House started to explain where the slogan came from, possibly due to the fact that Coca-Cola was using the same slogan at this time.

According to Maxwell House lore, President Theodore Roosevelt was visiting Andrew Jackson at Jackson’s estate, The Hermitage, on October 21, 1907. During this visit, he was served Maxwell House coffee, and he reportedly said that it was “good to the last drop.” Owners Leon T. Cheek and John Neal heard President Roosevelt’s bold statement, and they adopted it as their corporate slogan.

It’s a nice story, but it’s one that has never been historically proven. Local press in Tennessee did cover Roosevelt’s visit, and one paper did cover the story regarding Roosevelt’s response to the Maxwell House coffee. However, according to that source, Roosevelt said, “This is the kind of stuff I like to drink, by George, when I hunt bears.”

Maxwell House has since then said that the slogan was originally written by Clifford Spiller, a former president of General Foods. Yet, in 2009, the coffee company reverted back to its original claims that the slogan came from Roosevelt. They even ran a commercial depicting President Roosevelt retelling that famous story.

Whether it’s true or not, it’s a fun piece of legend for Maxwell House, and it certainly explains why they haven’t departed from their slogan in nearly 100 years.

History of Cafe Bustelo Coffee

We now proudly carry Cafe Bustelo coffee, a true Cuban roast that will take you to coffee shops of Havana without the hassle of air travel or a Castro dictatorship. The coffee originally came from the streets of Cuba, and the creators took their roasting craft with them as they left Cuba and made their way to New York.

Gregorio Bustelo was originally from Galicia, Spain, but during a trip to Cuba, he fell in love with the unique coffee on the island to the point that he got a job at a local coffee roaster. After living in Cuba for just a few months, he met and married a Cuban woman who loved coffee as much as he did.

Not long after they married, they moved to Puerto Rico, and Gregario took what he learned from the Cuban coffee industry to the Puerto Rican industry. Around this time, the US passed the Jones-Shafroth Act, which granted people of Puerto Rico US citizenship. The Bustelos and numerous other Puerto Ricans promptly left the island to start a new life in New York. Continue reading

White Bear Coffee Pods – The 100% Biodegradable Option for Single Serve Coffee

White Bear coffee podsBy now, surely you’ve heard of the greatness of single-serve coffee brewers such as the Keurig K-Cup and coffee pod brewers. These miracle-makers are perfect for households or the office, especially since not everyone in a single home or office agrees on the strength of coffee, its flavor, or if it’s even caffeinated. K-Cups and coffee pods are also less messy than traditional coffee makers, which makes these brewers more appealing just with this simple fact.

That said, however, one problem many potential single-serve buyers have with K-Cups is how wasteful the cups seems to be. Yes, the K-Cup is tiny, but if you drink just one K-Cup a day, you’re adding 365 cups to a landfill a year. At this point in time, the K-Cups are not biodegradable, so they seem to be overly wasteful compared to traditional coffee makers. Coffee pods themselves, on the other hand, are 100% biodegradable, with the exception of their foil packaging. Maybe you won’t be sending as much to a landfill with coffee pod packages compared to K-Cups, but it can still add up if you’re an avid coffee drinker.

Fortunately, there is a 100% biodegradable answer to the single-serve coffee dilemma. White Bear’s coffee pods are completely biodegradable, including the packaging for the pods. All of the White Bear coffee pod will degrade in a landfill, and in fact, you can throw the entire pod into your compost pile.  The White Bear coffee pod wrapper will degrade fully in a landfill.

Feel a little more at ease about your single-serve coffee options? If you’re ready to take the next step, we sell coffee pod brewers as well as White Bear coffee pods. We also now carry White Bear coffee pods in smaller 50 count packs as well as 150 count packages.  White Bear coffee pods give you the opportunity to have a premium coffee program that is the cornerstone of friendly environmental choices.