Clear Coffee?

CARIBOU COFFEE CLEAR COFFEE BAGAccording to Caribou Coffee, nationwide surveys have stated that the number one complaint of coffee lovers about their love is that it stains. Anyone who has dripped coffee onto their freshly washed and pressed white shirt knows exactly what they mean.

To combat this, the scientists at Caribou Coffee have concocted a new blend of coffee that is completely clear, yet it (supposedly) keeps all the great flavors of coffee. They claim that it’s entirely colorless and stain-free, but tastes the same as any other cup of Caribou Coffee.

These Clear Coffee beans are already up for sale online, and very soon, the company will install this new filtering technology in all of their shops across the nation.

“It’s a game changer,” CEO Mike Tattersfield said. “Caribou Coffee has always been an innovator in the coffee market, so naturally this was the next step. And we knew April 1 was the perfect day to share this new beverage innovation with the world.”

“We’ve already switched over entirely to Clear Coffee in our headquarters,” Tattersfield added. “The cleaning crew loves it.”

It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

And that’s because it is.

This was an elaborate April Fool’s Day prank set up by Caribou Coffee, complete with new website, marketing materials, press releases, and very nice infographs.

So, sorry, the clear coffee does not exist, but Caribou Coffee still roasts a darn good cup of coffee. In fact, they have K-cups too, so you can brew up single cups whenever you like. Just be careful when wearing that crisp white shirt.

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