Caribou Coffee to Close 80 Stores

Caribou CoffeeAre you a fan of Caribou Coffee? If you live in certain states, you may have to start ordering online to satiate your love of the brand.

Earlier this month, the coffee company announced that it will close 80 of their stores due to performance issues, and they will convert another 88 into Peet’s Coffee & Tea locales. The closures will take place in April in the following states: Georgia, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and C. The stores that will be converted into Peet’s shops reside in DC, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Georgia, Illinois, and Wisconsin.

Once the conversions are complete, Caribou Coffee will only house stores in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Kansas, North Carolina, Colorado, and in 10 international stores. Unless all 80 stores that will be closed lie in one or two states, this information will still be correct after the closures.

If Caribou Coffee is your brand of choice and you will lose out on a market, don’t forget you can still order this great coffee online to brew at home! The coffee company has not said that they will stop selling their brand online or even in grocery stores, so do not fear that you could possibly lose all access to this tasty brew.

Do you have a Keurig brewer? If so, there are Caribou Coffee K-cups available, and we happen to carry them. Haven’t tried Caribou Coffee before? Order a packet of the K-cups and see what Minnesota has loved for years!

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