How Much Caffeine is in Your Favorite Brand’s Coffee?

We all have our favorite brands of coffee, whether we buy bags of beans or a cup of joe from coffee shops. However, due to different roasting techniques, coffee flavors, etc., not all coffee house coffees contain the same jolt of caffeine. In many ways, it’s not unlike the percentage of alcohol found amongst different types of the same liquor.

The people at Thrillist made a nifty infographic to show how much caffeine resides in popular coffee house brands, and the results may surprise you. (The number from the Deathwish coffee house should not surprise anyone given the name of the shop is actually Deathwish.)

Coffee Caffeine InfographicIn other words, if you need a tiny jolt, you’re best to stick with McDonald’s than a trip to Starbucks. The infographic works the same with coffee house brands you brew as well. For a small(er) dose of caffeine, try a cup of Seattle’s Best instead of Starbucks. If you haven’t slept all night, then perhaps a cup of Deathwish is the cup for you.

If your brand is listed here, is it rather telling of how much caffeine you require to get through the morning?

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