Bacon-flavored Coffee

Berres Brothers Maple Bacon CoffeePeople proclaiming their love for bacon and food brands adding bacon or bacon flavoring to everything have been two steady trends over the last few years. From bacon-flavored salt to bacon and maple syrup donuts, there seems to be little we won’t combine with bacon. And now, a gourmet coffee company has created bacon-flavored coffee.

Berres Brothers is producing a new blend, Maple Bacon, which combines the taste of their full body roast with bacon and maple syrup. Their roast includes 100% Arabica coffee beans flavored with maple syrup and bacon.

If this blend takes off, we’ll undoubtedly see similar flavors surface across the brands. Perhaps we’ll see bacon-flavored syrups at coffee shops as well. Then what could be next? Bacon-flavored Coffee-mate creamers? Bacon-flavored sweeteners? Bacon-flavored hot chocolate? (Okay, that last one just sounds awful.)

Do you love bacon this much to drink it in your morning cup of joe?

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