4 Other Uses for Coffee Filters

Coffee filters are often quite the cheap commodity for more filters than you may conceivably use in a month’s time. But did you know they could be used for other awesome things around your house that will also prove to be far cheaper than traditional products? Oh yes, coffee filters are about to become a staple in your home, if they weren’t already.

Odor Absorbers

And here's yet another fun use for coffee filters...temporary bowls!

And here’s yet another fun use for coffee filters…temporary bowls!

Don’t buy a whole box of baking soda to sit and rot in your refrigerator to absorb those strange smells. Put about 3 tablespoons of baking soda into a coffee filter, make a ball of the filter with the powder, and then tie off the open ends with a rubber band. You can also use the ball of soda to absorb odors in other smelly places, such as near cat litter boxes or in your shoes!

Dryer Sheets

Before you toss a filter into your dryer and press go, hold up, there’s a couple of other steps you must complete first. Step one, dunk the filter into vinegar. Believe it or not, vinegar absorbs odors and prevents static cling. If you want your clothes to smell super fresh, add a few drops of essential oils to the filter before tossing it in. Essential oils are also natural antibacterials, so any germs that your washing machine missed will be taken care of.

Screen Cleaners

Don’t use a paper towel on your smartphone, tablet, or computer monitor; try a coffee filter instead! They’re lint-free, so you won’t have to rewipe your screen with your sleeve or another cloth after cleaning.

Coffee filters are also perfect for cleaning up small spills instead of wasting a whole paper towel.

Baking Greasers

If you need to grease a pan or baking dish, instead of grabbing that stick of butter and rubbing it down directly on the pan, which then calls for you to throw away the butter once done, rub a coffee filter onto the butter. As it is lint-free, it won’t leave anything behind on your butter. No waste, and your hands stay butter-free as well.

Do you have any fun uses for coffee filters? Share them below!

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